Should Women Be Included in the Military Draft?

Yes you can.

Posted By Wendy

Recently, the Pentagon lifted the ban on women serving in specific combat roles. Women had been serving in active combat in both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, however certain positions were unavailable to them. Now, they are allowed to serve in the all the same positions as men in the military.

I applaud this long-overdue measure. Not only will it open up thousands of job opportunities, but it will also allow women the promotions and military rank that was previously unavailable to them. Kudos. Kudos all around.

But now that women can serve anywhere, this new opportunity brings up an interesting question. What if we were entered into a war in which our volunteer troops were overextended? What if we needed to re-institute the draft? Would it now include women? Many might say that’s only fair. My feeling?

Women should not be included in the draft.

There’s no doubt that there are many strong, brave women who choose to be in the military and serve just as honorably as their male counterparts. But the biological truth is this: most men are stronger than most women. There are special women who are stronger than men, yes. But if you put my 18-year-old ass in camouflage and told me I had to serve in active combat, I would have been a complete liability to our country. I would have been a flimsy body, clumsily holding a gun, and unable to withstand the physical strain of open warfare. I would have been destroyed before I even had a chance to pull the trigger. And if I somehow managed not to get killed, it was probably because I was crouched behind some other much braver woman or man than me.

If women are drafted, who will stay home and do the riveting?

If women are drafted, who will stay home and do the riveting?

I can’t judge all women by my 18-year-old self, of course. But I do know that there are probably a lot more women like me than there are the amazing women who volunteer for active combat. If you force women like me into the military, all you do is weaken your force.

So yes, let strong, smart women volunteer for every and all positions in the military. Let them be promoted. Let them lead forces and become generals. But, if God forbid a draft were to happen, don’t force them to join.


Posted By Alex

I don’t think so. This kind of attitude does not help women who have fought throughout the years in order to achieve equality. I’m not deluded enough to believe that things are just dandy now for women—especially with politicians telling women what they can do with their own bodies—but they are a lot better than they used to be. This is a good thing and a sad thing all rolled into one package. Good because equality for all is paramount and necessary, but sad because people have to be reminded of it. They have to be shown that anyone can be remarkable, regardless of color/gender and yes, even sexuality. Believe it, fucktards.

Yes you can.

Yes you can.

Equal has only one meaning. Getting to choose what part of equal you want or don’t want is just ridiculous. You have it all, the good with the bad. If I, as a man, have to have my name put in for a draft, then so should a woman.

I agree with Wendy that men tend to be biologically stronger when it comes to certain aspects of the human body. But this pendulum also swings the other way, as I doubt men could handle the pain of giving birth. Shit, Eric can’t handle being in bed sick with a simple cold. You think he could handle pregnancy? He’d be bedridden for 9 months! And then continue to be bedridden while he healed. You tell me, who’s stronger now?

The biological strengths of men and women have very little impact when it comes to war and strategy. Using a gun doesn’t require the strength of 10 men and our military would make sure you are physically ready to be shipped across seas in order to fight. So Wendy’s 18-year-old self could easily be trained, just as anyone else could. Would she be good at war? Possibly not, but this would have nothing to do with her gender. Many men before her have not been ready for war, either. Gender isn’t the issue here. Being mentally prepared is an entirely different issue but I believe women can serve just as well as men.

Would women be able to load heavy artillery? Maybe not most, but they can damn well target and fire the fucking thing. Based on training, women and men are placed where they are needed and where they are strongest.

I will end this with a famous quote from Backdraft: you go, we go.

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6 Responses to “Should Women Be Included in the Military Draft?”

  1. Ozzy

    I agree with Alex 100%. He is right, the military won’t stick you in a position you can’t handle. Obviously if you do not feel like you are strong enough to handle certain job duties then they won’t assign you to those. There are plenty of other things you can do.

  2. Gaby

    I’m sorry, Wendy. Normally, I’d agree with you, but I can’t on this one. It’s not because I want to be drafted or think I’m capable of going to war, far from it. My 18-year-old self would’ve been crying on the floor of my bunker in the fetal position while a superior screamed at me, but yet, I’m sure there are poor 18 year old boys who would be in the same position. Sure, guns are heavy and boot camp is tough, but women are already taking on those challenges, a la G.I. Jane.

    Having to register for Selective Service is more than just about being drafted. For some, financial aid is tied to registering. I think it’s unfair that my sister and I were able to get our financial aid without worrying about signing up for the draft while Alex and Ozzy didn’t have that same privilege. If we’re moving beyond the antiquated concept that women are too weak for combat, then we have to do it across the board.

    As a mom of a daughter and a son, it would break my heart to have any of my kids drafted and it would be an equal sadness. I don’t want Chinchilla on the front lines, but I don’t want Jamiroquai there either. Their gender doesn’t change that for me. The real issue to me isn’t who should be drafted, but why we should be drafting. No one, in my mind, should go to combat, if they do not feel they can.

    Finally, I hate to admit this, but Alex makes a good point. We want equality, we need to take all aspects of it. And, if we think about who we have making our decisions, then we can’t argue for our rights as women without making concessions like being included in the draft. Maybe if I had two daughters, I’d think differently, but I have two kids of different genders, and my goal is to teach them about being equal (physiological differences aside). I don’t know what I’d say if Jamiroquai asked me why he has to register when his sister didn’t.

  3. echavez

    Moot issue, the war would be nuclear so no need for front lines or whatever.

    In general, every women out there FIGHTING for equal rights should be forced to register for the draft. Women so accept the way god created us are off the hook. =)

  4. Carrie Duncan

    I am all for equal rights for women…. but like hell would I ever want to be forced into a draft. No thanks!!!!


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