Should Parents Force Their Kids to Share?


Happy Friday! You’ve survived Valentine’s Day and now it’s time to prepare for the weekend. For most of us, sharing was a practice we learned before we could formulate full sentences. Sharing has been a crucial skill most Americans teach their children, at times doing it more for the sake of one’s own reputation as a parent, than for the actual value of sharing. Recently, however, parents are rethinking whether teaching sharing they way we have is the best for our kids. Blogs and books are now out there, telling us that allowing our children to have some conflict and problem solving some of those issues related to sharing may be the way to go.

So today, as we move from the day where love is celebrated and go back to “business as usual”, The What?! Blog wants to know: Is it ok not to force kids to share?

Are you a parent that makes your child share? Why is it important? Do you let your child make her/his own decisions even if it means not sharing a toy? Even if you’re not a parent, what are your thoughts on the issue? Vote and tell us what you believe in the comments section below!

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5 Responses to “Should Parents Force Their Kids to Share?”

  1. gloc

    I’m currently struggling with this idea. Do I allow our children to resolve it on their own, considering that one is 5 and the other is not yet a year old? And what about in public settings? I don’t want my child to be the kid who doesn’t share. At the same time, I want them to both learn problem solving, so, maybe a happy medium?

    So far, what I have found works is to tell Chinchilla that she needs to put away toys she doesn’t want to share with others when we have guests. That has eliminated big break downs and falling outs. I’m still trying to navigate the other situations!

  2. wtg22

    I try not to breathe down Lucas’ neck, but if I notice him stealing toys away from others or hogging his toys, then I definitely step in. I think it’s important to model behavior, especially for the younger ones. Lucas’ daycare actually designates every Friday as “Share Day,” where kids each bring in one small toy from home and practice passing them on to the other kids in the classroom. It’s nice because they get to play with other kids’ toys while also learning to let go one of their own.

  3. Amanda

    My boys are sharing a bedroom together. I believe that alone is forcing them.

  4. echavez

    Try to teach them and if that doesn’t get you results, make them do it

    No one wants their kids to be the difficult ones and by not sharing you are showing them it is OK to be selfish. When my daughter doesn’t share, i take the object away from her. Ages like 4 and under is ok by me, but after that age it is time to put on the big kid pants.

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