Free Debate Friday: Do You Celebrate Valentine’s Day?


Happy Free Debate Friday! Valentine’s Day is officially one week away, and for many, this day signifies the day they tell their loved one how much they mean to them. For others, this day brings feelings of bitterness or indifference and for some  it’s an opportunity to gorge on candy hearts and chocolate. So where do you stand, The What?! Blog readers, do you wait anxiously for V-Day, buying flowers and setting up special dates or do you loathe the day? Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?


Is it?



Vote for what you do and tell us about your favorite (or most hated) part of Valentine’s Day? Have a great or not so great memory of V-Day’s past? We’d love to read about them in the comments section below! And whether or not you celebrate Valentine’s Day, enjoy every day with people who love you.[polldaddy poll=6886705]




2 Responses to “Free Debate Friday: Do You Celebrate Valentine’s Day?”

  1. Amanda

    Since my husband is a restaurant manager a lot of the holidays go to waste side because he always has to work long shifts those days. Over 11 years being with him I’ve grown used to it. Especially now with the kids. They are higher on the poll these days. So this V-day since he is working and we live on one income I’m not worried about not getting flowers or candy. I just want to make sure the boys get a little something.

  2. wtg22

    I don’t celebrate it. It’s just a random day. I’d rather be all lovey dovey on my anniversary, which has actual meaning for me and Alex as a couple. Not that I’m not a romantic person, but the sort of forced intimacy of Valentine’s Day gives me the heeby geebies. For some reason, it grosses me out.


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