Free Debate Friday: Why Will You Be Watching the Super Bowl?


Why are you watching?


Happy Friday! This Sunday, many of us will be watching  the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens play in Super Bowl XLVII. Most watch the Super Bowl to see their favorite team win (or their most hated team lose), others watch for the entertaining commercials and half-time show. Whatever the reason, it’s impressive to know that this year, it is anticipated that viewership will surpass last year’s record-breaking 111.3 million viewers. Whether you’re rooting for the 49ers or the Ravens, hoping to catch Kate Upton’s “scandalous” commercial or wanting to see if Beyonce will lip-sync again, we want to know: why will you be watching the Super Bowl?

Vote and comment below and if you’re not watching, tell us why!

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6 Responses to “Free Debate Friday: Why Will You Be Watching the Super Bowl?”

  1. mattyg25

    i love football. even though my boys were kivked out by the asshole Ravens. its going to be a great game. 2 very tough teams with great defenses facing off should be fun. but i also love the commercials and cant wait for them. also ill check out the Puppy Bowl on Anmal Planet. lol

  2. Amanda

    Because my two favorite teams will he playing against each other. Why else?!?! :)

  3. Gaby

    I really don’t care for football (GASP!, I know), but I like the half-time show and watch the commercials. I learned early on that you’re an easy target at school if you don’t get the Super Bowl commercial references, like those damn Budweiser frogs, so now I watch to get the jokes and because Eric does like football. Personally, I could watch the Puppy Bowl for hours instead.

  4. Michael

    i’m watching for the commercials and halftime show. i couldn’t give a damn about either team (even tho ravens are my madden team). I just wanna see funny animal commercials and beyonce shake that thang!!!!

  5. wtg22

    I love me some Beyonce and I know she puts on an amazing show, so this is the first year I actually give a damn about the half-time show. BUT! I love football even more. I’d like nothing more than to see Harbaugh crush Harbaugh…wait…okay, to see the 49ers crush the Ravens! Plus, I have allegiance to Jim (the other Harbaugh) because he was the coach at Stanford while I was there. Go Cardinals! I mean, Niners!

    (And I may still wear my Patriots gear while I watch because FUCK YOU, RAVENS.)

    Also, Eric can “in the bag” all he wants now, since my team is eliminated.


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