Free Debate Friday: Is It Cheating If You Lip Sync?


How Not to Lip Sync

Welcome to another Free Debate Friday! By now you’ve heard, and heard, and heard, about Beyonce’s  lip-sync at the Inauguration. We’re sure you’re tired of it, as many of us at The What?! Blog are, so we’re not asking you to weigh in on whether or not Beyonce lip-synched or not. We know that artists lip-sync in videos, when they have acid reflux, or when their singing is accompanied by heavy duty dance numbers. With the technology available, one can argue that lip-syncing is a convenience that artists take advantage of to be able to give the best performance they can, reducing the chance of singing off key or fumbling the lyrics. But is is ever ok, like when you pay to hear an artist sing at a concert, for example? Or, does it matter, since we’re getting the artist’s own voice, in a more flawless form? What do you say, The What?! Blog readers: Is it cheating if you lip sync? Vote for the answer you side with the most and sound off in the comments section below!

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8 Responses to “Free Debate Friday: Is It Cheating If You Lip Sync?”

  1. alex

    Personally, I am not a fan of Beyonce. I think she is super overrated. That being said, I see no problem with her lip syncing to conserve her voice so she can keep making music for as long as she can. What’s the big deal?

  2. gloc

    I don’t think it’s cheating either, but I think it’s best if they say they’re honest about it. Especially in concerts, I mean you pay a lot of money to go watch this artist sing what you assume is live and they screw you over by pre-recording it. That’s really why I don’t bother, I can just watch them sing on tv or listen to them on the radio.

  3. wtg22

    I think it’s cheating. You are a musician. I am coming to see you in concert…live. Concert tickets are not cheap. If I wanted to listen to a pre-recorded track, I would listen to my iTunes playlist. If you are dancing too much to sing, then you are a dancer, not a singer. Have your backup dancers do that shit.

  4. Scott

    Without question it’s cheating. I can’t imagine being paid to play a job with my instrument and pretending to play. What a joke – why is that even tolerate? If you are a musician you perform live. But this is what pop music has come to, accepting this. The national anthem is notoriously difficult to sing, but not by true musicians. It’s just that most pop singers would not qualify for that label.

  5. mattyg25

    damn skippy its cheating. yeah anybody can sound great when everthing is enhanced and stuff. i want to hear how you sound live and in person. i hate how every singer, rapper, whomever out there uses their own background voice or actually lip sings. hate it. its bullshit and i feel like i should get my money back if i go to a concert.

  6. lokaty

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