Free Debate Friday: Will you be watching the Inauguration? Is it important?

Hi and welcome to another Free Debate Friday! This Monday is not only the day we observe the work of Martin Luther King Jr., but it is also the 57th Inauguration of the President of the United States. This will be President Obama’s second time going through the process, and with the controversy surrounding the President, the Inauguration will signal a potentially tumultuous 4 years in politics. So, for this week’s Free Debate Friday, we want to ask you: Will you be watching the Inauguration? and Is it important? Remember to vote below and tell us why you will or won’t be watching the Inauguration. Enjoy your weekend!


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4 Responses to “Free Debate Friday: Will you be watching the Inauguration? Is it important?”

  1. Ozzy

    I think the Inauguration is a waste of time and money for a President who is reelected. The President already went through it once, no need to do it again. Now if Romney would have won, then yeah, do it since it’s his first term as President.

  2. wtg22

    I may flip over to it, but I won’t be watching it with the same emotion as in 2009, when the first black president was signed in to office. Still, I’m excited for Mr. Obama to be starting a second term and have high hopes for the next four years!

  3. Amanda

    I had already heard enough during the political campaign. Just get to work and get this country going in the right direction is how I feel.


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