Six Months of The What?! Blog

Well, What?! Blog readers, it’s been six months since our first post and we’ve come a long way. We’ve debated whether or not guys and girls can be friends, whether you’re protecting or harming your family with a gun in the house, changing last names when you get married, and which genre is superior, sci fi or fantasy. We’ve argued with friends, family, and spouses and we’ve asked you to help us figure out who was right. We want to thank  you for sticking with us, commenting and voting for all these months. We couldn’t do it without you!

After six months of blogs (102 posts!), a few have really struck a chord with our audience. We thought we’d share our top posts and other cool stats.

Highest Traffic on a Post: Should Your Customizable Video Game Character Look Like You?

Top Search Term: Tarantino Overrated 

Most Commented on Blog: Why Do We Have to Stand in Line at the Movies?

Now that we’ve been a blog for a half year, we wanted to get your feedback, since you’ve been so great at telling us how you feel in the comments. We want to know if we should be posting more or less frequently, which topics are most exciting to you, and whether or not you have any issues you’d like to see debated that haven’t appeared on our blog yet. Vote in the polls below (it’s completely anonymous), and share your ideas in the comments section. And, if you’d like to debate a friend, loved one, or family member on our blog, let us know, too! We welcome new contributors.

Thanks for sticking with us! Here’s to another great six months of debates!

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3 Responses to “Six Months of The What?! Blog”

  1. Amanda

    I’ve enjoyed the relationship and parenting posts the most. But i have to admit it gets hard trying to comment or even vote everyday. Especially when the kiddos are out of school. And just a suggestion… when we have to vote sometime I wish we could vote other or neither.

    • wtg22

      Thanks, Amanda! We appreciate that you’ve been commenting and voting on our posts. We’ll definitely keep your suggestion in mind—perhaps to scale back the number of debates.

  2. Lulu

    I enjoy reading your debates on general social issues, like the New Year’s resolutions one. Like, “Why do people do what they do?” I’m kind of private about the marriage and relationship issues, but I will try to comment on work or friendship issues. I can’t keep up with daily posts. Three times a week seems more manageable.


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