Free Debate Friday: How are your ringing in 2013?


Hello and welcome to the last Free Debate Friday of 2012! This year has been an interesting one to say the least, but at least we all made it past December 21st! As we prepare to ring in the New Year and say goodbye to this one, The What?! Blog wants to know how you celebrate. Are you planning a big night out, celebrating at a big party, club or restaurant? Or, are you planning a quiet night in, celebrating at home? So, the What?! Blog readers, tell us: How are you ringing in 2013? After you vote, don’t forget to tell us about your plans or even your favorite New Year’s celebration in the comments section below!



And finally, thank you for your support this 2012. We will be brining you new topics in 2013 that we hope you enjoy. Happy New Year!


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4 Responses to “Free Debate Friday: How are your ringing in 2013?”

  1. wtg22

    We are hanging out with you guys :). It’s pretty much a known fact that NYE with small children sucks :). But NYE without small children kinda sucks, too, so it’s no big whoop.

    • Gaby

      Lol! Pretty much! I think NYE with kids will be fun in about 4 more years. Then we’ll get to the point that we won’t be the ones able to stay up. One of my most recent NYEs was 3 years ago when we went to Monterey, had dinner at the Groto and celebrated downtown. It was the last adults-only New Years Eve Eric and I celebrated.

  2. echavez

    Hang out with the kids and wife. I rather stay home and drink hot cocoo with mexican bread then go out partying. I hope this year my daugther can stay up and not knock out at 11pm.

    i am kinda excited for new years this year!

  3. Amanda

    Went to my friend’s home a few streets over. There were 7 adults and 8 kids. Ate food, lit up some fireworks, had a fire pit going and some ping pong was played. It was a wonderful time and great memories were made. Wouldn’t want it any other way :)


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