Free Debate Friday: What’s Your Preferred Way to Buy Holiday Gifts?

Welcome to another Free Debate Friday! Most of us are already in the holiday spirit, buying Hanukkah and Christmas gifts for our families. Some of us haven’t started and are dreading the lines or the added fees of rush orders. As we near the end of Hanukkah and await Christmas (not to mention all the gift-giving that happens between then), The What Blog?! is curious about how you prefer to shop for gifts. Are you a fan of going to the store, looking at what you’re buying and bringing it home with you? Do you prefer to sit in the comfort of your home, or office, and happily await for the UPS guy to deliver gifts your way? Or do you prefer to skip the lines and the shipping costs and make gifts yourself?


Is this you this holiday season?


Today’s Free Debate Friday question is: What is your preferred way to get your holiday gifts? Vote for what you prefer and tell us why in the comments section below![polldaddy poll=6769232]


4 Responses to “Free Debate Friday: What’s Your Preferred Way to Buy Holiday Gifts?”

  1. wtg22

    I’m an online shopper, mostly because it’s way more convenient to ship presents to my family in Massachusetts (basically what Alex said). But there are a few things I feel I need to see and/or touch in person. Also, if I’m late in getting a local person a present and it would cost too much to rush the shipping online, I (begrudgingly) head to the malls.

  2. Amanda

    All of the above. I shop online if something needs to be shipped. I go to the store to get gifts for family that are local and I bake cookies every year for all 14 homes on my street.


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