The Merits of Instagram

Posted By Crystal

Beautiful #sunset, yummy #lunch, new #shoes, your #pet #cat and the infamous #selfie. These are some of the hash tags along with a picture you’ll find on Instagram, everything from the exciting to the mundane. I didn’t think I would like it at first, but it’s really grown on me. Yes, the pictures are filtered, kinda egotistical, and lame, but it’s a quick fix for me.

They should call it “Insta-gratification,” because that’s what I feel when I post my own pictures or see others. I have no qualms about reading or writing “regular posts” on blogs, Facebook, or Twitter. For the most part, I enjoy reading friends’ and family’s posts about their everyday lives. I just tend to not have enough time to do it during the day. So when I have like 10 seconds to spare, I just jump on Instagram and check out people’s visual diaries. It’s a quick fix and back to work—filters, hash tags, and all. Here is an example of what I would post in one day:

#selfie face shot
#shoes I’m wearing
#sweater I love
#food and #snacks I’m eating, and last but not least
my #Cat #Mr. #Beautiful

So yeah, maybe I’m guilty of being a narcissist. But on the flip side, it has helped me somewhat connect with people quickly and visually. Instagram may be all hype, but I like it. It gives me a different type of outlet to express my daily life with my friends, family, and anyone on the Internet. #iloveInstagram

Posted By Wendy

With every new social media platform, there is always the same outcry from the general public: what’s the point? When MySpace and Facebook came on the scene, people scrunched up their noses, but soon half the world was updating their statuses and posting pictures to share with their families and friends. Then, when Twitter launched in 2007, people wondered why they should use it when they already had Facebook? Isn’t it the same thing? Fast-forward to 2012 and most social media users have realized that Twitter is a powerful professional tool, not to mention a great way to stalk your favorite celebrities.

So in 2010 when Instagram made its debut, it was met with similar hesitation but soon fully embraced. So what’s my problem with it? It’s not that I don’t see the point. I do. It’s a fun and simple way to take and edit photos without any particular talent for taking and editing photos. My problem with Instagram is I’m already doing too much social media shit to bother with more shit, especially when it’s pictures of food, flowers, or old signs made “artistic” with basic filters.

Sums it up for me in a nutshell. But to expand, the other obnoxious byproduct of Instagram (besides the narcissistic selfies and the pretentious pets) is the crazy hash tagging. Got one or two hash tags for your photo or tweet? No problem. Got a paragraph of hash tags? Consider yourself unfollowed.

I might enjoy an Instagram photo or two if you post them to Facebook or Twitter. But don’t expect me to actively follow you on Instagram. I’m likely already following you on Twitter and friending you on Facebook and repinning your Pinterest boards and commenting on your blog and writing my own blog and posting videos on YouTube and upvoting articles on Reddit and stumbling posts on Stumbleupon. If I dedicated any more time to nurturing and engaging my audiences in the various social media platforms, then I would probably miss out on a lot of real life. (Or productivity at work.) My social media dance card is full. And if something’s gotta give, for me, it’s going to be Instagram.

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15 Responses to “The Merits of Instagram”

  1. Amanda

    I personally just started one month ago because I just caved and got a smartphone. The only thing I can say I like about it is that I can use a filter so my pic from my phone doesn’t look so drab. I don’t use hash tags. I think those are annoying. Just type what the hell you are thinking is my opinion on that. But I like sticking with my real camera and sharing those pictures on FB more than instagraming all day long.

    • Amanda

      And BTW I love that video. Shared that the other day on FB. I am guilty about posting just about everything in the video but never needed Instagram to post the pictures ;)

  2. Ozzy

    I agree that some people can go over board with the hashtags. But it’s simply a way to make your post popular. A few hashtags is ok.

    If you don’t like the filters then don’t use them. It’s not mandatory. I vote for crystal.

    • Amanda

      Ok maybe people need to rethink things. If a picture needs to have a lot of hashtags inorder to be popular how good of a picture is it really?

      • Ozzy

        It’s not about how good the picture is. People can find pictures by searching the hashtag.. if you don’t have any then it won’t be found by others outside of your immediate circle. If people hate hashtags then they shouldn’t use it. I could care less about them. THey don’t really bother me unless it’s a whole paragraph of nothing but hashtags.

        • Amanda

          Oh gotcha. I’ll stick to keeping my pictures only for my friends and family. Don’t need to have any weirdos looking at my kids.

  3. Crysmac83

    Hashrags are a bit too much… But i secretly like them. I think its cause i get a kick out of what people put on them. Like someone can post a really simple picture of like some grass and dirt and then their hashtags are like #longfayatwork #isitfriday #hatemyboss #FML. Its pretty funny to me, and im a weirdo so i like them..

  4. Gaby

    I just started using Instagram. Thankfully, due to the small number of friends I have both in real life and in social media, I can check FB, Twitter and Instagram without it consuming most of my day. I’m not a fan of hashtags, personally. My simple mind hates having to read a full sentence that has more than one hashtag, but I’m sure there are worse things out there than this. Instagram is cool, but I still prefer Twitter as my go-to social media outlet. It’s less polluted and I can keep a certain level of anonymity which is nice, because I don’t want to follow certain relatives or acquaintances of my youth that I don’t have anything in common with.

    Also, I agree with Amanda. There’s still nothing like a real camera to take beautiful shots. And regardless of Instagram’s abilities, there’s still nothing like raw artistic talent.


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