Free Debate Friday: Do we forgive “bad” celebrities equally?

Happy Friday! By now, you may have heard about Chris Brown’s twitter fight with comedy writer Jenny Johnson. Brown later deleted his twitter account, resulting in a collective sigh of relief from much of the world. Whether or not Johnson provoked the fight, or whether or not Brown’s responses were verbal rape, we can all agree that what Chris Brown did a few years back is wrong.

Sadly, as horrendous as what Chris Brown did, he’s not the only celebrity who has done something many of us be socially excommunicated for, and he’s not the only one  guilty of domestic violenceMel Gibson,  Christian Bale, and Sean Penn all have been violent against women, and others like  Michael Richards, Michael Vick, and Adam Carolla have attacked underrepresented groups or have been abusive to animals. Some celebrities have apologized for their transgressions, done their time and moved on, others have not. Some argue that we shouldn’t be giving Chris Brown Grammys, but Sean Penn has received awards since beating Madonna and Christian Bale’s movies are high-grossing. Is there a difference in the severity of the crime between Chris Brown and Sean Penn? Has Chris Brown not shown to be apologetic while others have?  What is the criteria for forgiving celebrities for what they’ve done?


Chris Brown: Beats women, gets a VMA

As we ponder whether Chris Brown deserved to be called a “worthless piece of sh*t” or whether he was provoked, we pose this Free Debate Friday Question to you: Do we forgive celebrities’ transgressions equally?  Is Chris Brown’s crime worse than Michael Richards’? Should Michael Vick be allowed to play football? Should celebrities who violently abuse women,or other innocent people deserve to be treated like scum for what they’ve done or can some be forgiven given the right circumstances? Vote and sound off in the comments section below!


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3 Responses to “Free Debate Friday: Do we forgive “bad” celebrities equally?”

  1. echavez

    Look i am not a Chris Brown supporter and i don’t even like his music. He did something wrong and he served his sentence for his actions. Jenny Johnson was obviously playing with house money and had nothing to lose. I have never heard of her until today. She did it for some fame. She threw out bait and Chris Brown hook the bait. He is not innocent in this twitter attack but she should take more blame in my opinion for starting it. After all don’t we teach our kids to defend themselves?

  2. wtg22

    Well, Chris Brown really hasn’t been all that apologetic. He’s been a giant douche nozzle, actually. Getting a tattoo of a beaten woman on your neck? WTF is that? I get that everyone has a right to move on with their lives after doing something wrong. But if you read the police reports of what he did to Rihanna, he didn’t just slap her in a heated moment. He gave her a serious beat-down, repeatedly punching her in the head, face, abdomen, and then strangled her so she couldn’t call for help. All while driving his car. The guy is a monster.

    Has he “done the time”? I don’t think so. He’s won awards, his albums are selling, and legions of #TeamBreezy fans say stupid shit like “I’d let him beat me.” Lovely. Meanwhile, Charlie Sheen physically and verbally abused his wife and got a new TV show. I wonder, if this were Britney Spears would the public be so forgiving? Methinks not…


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