How Important Is It to Be Prepared in Case of an Emergency?

Posted By Eric 

The world is going in end this December, so you better have your emergency preparedness kits all ready to go! I got news for you. If the world ends, an emergency kit is not going to help you or anyone. Natural disasters happen, and most commonly they are completely unexpected.

the Mayans checking out end of the world shit

Look, I am not saying that having an emergency preparedness kit is worthless, but I do think it is overrated. All having an emergency preparedness kit does is give you peace of mind. You are content knowing that in an emergency you are going to have the supplies you need to survive. Chances are you may not even have access to your kit unless you literally take it everywhere you go or keep it in back of your car. It’s a good idea but it is simply impracticable to believe it will be your sole saving grace.

What my wife has overlooked and I believe most people overlook is a plan. In the event of an emergency, you need to have different scenarios covered. If my wife and I are at work and our kids are at day care, we need one plan. If I am home, and my wife and kids are out in the car, we need another plan. I am not saying you need to cover 100 different plans, but you do have to cover the basic ones. What about a meeting location and a backup location? For example, in the case of a tsunami hitting the Pacific coast, I would try to get my family to Fresno or somewhere high on a mountain close by. Honestly, I would probably take my family to the roof of the five-story courthouse in Salinas and pray we don’t get taken out.

At the end of the day, I know when someone is spending money on peace of mind. I personally have spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in medical bills for my personal peace of mind. I can admit it. Was it a complete waste of money? Yes, but my mind sure didn’t believe it was. You can only control some aspects of your life but the rest of the time, you have to put your faith in God or whatever you believe in. You can’t stop a natural disaster and sometimes you have nowhere to run. Trust in your beliefs and hope for the best.

Posted By Gaby

Ah yes, the Mayan calendar has predicted that the world is going to end this December. Given all the super storms and earthquakes taking place in the last few weeks, it’s tough not to believe that 2012 may, in fact, be the year when humanity ceases to exist. And if you ask most Republican voters, an Obama win put a nail in that coffin.

If the world is going to end, I’m not too concerned about having an emergency prepardness pack ready. The world ends, my family gets obliterated and we either go to heaven, purgatory, or our cells break down. Fin. But my emergency prepardness plan isn’t about Armageddon. I’m not some doomsday prepper. Do I jokingly think about what I’d do in the event of a zombie apocalypse? Of course! If shit goes down and there are zombies, I’m going to have to learn to decapitate my neighbors and friends with a fireplace iron. But again, my emergency prepardness kit isn’t about a zombie apocalypse.

My emergency prepardness kit started a few years back as a result of a series of earthquakes hitting our area. In two siituations, I was home alone with our daughter while Eric was 30 minutes away playing hockey. I realized that our home isn’t all that safe and that in the event of a pretty bad earthquake, I’d need to hightail it out of our house and find shelter elsewhere. Being by yourself in an earthquake with a pre-schooler isn’t all that fun and yes, I can admit, I panicked. Eric came home to random jars and bottles filled with water, a makeshift bag in case of another quake and our daughter’s pop-up monkey tent while I rambled on about how we needed to be prepared in case “the big one” hit. Eric did his usual smirk, the one that tells me he thinks I’m a little nuts, but he humored me as usual.

Once the back-to-back quakes stopped, I put away the pack but rather than go “oh well, glad that’s over,” I kept prepping. My pack isn’t perfect and I need to revisit and replenish, but it has clothing for us, food for a few days, water, a crank-up radio/flashlight, a first aid kit, a can opener and some waterproof matches. I also carry flares in my car and a few protein bars just in case. While I’m well aware that in a big emergency, all hell will break lose and packing might be useless, I’m also planning for less severe catastrophes. What if our tree falls on our house and it’s cold so we can’t stay there? Our pack can go with us and even if we live in our car for a day or two, it’ll be okay.

Frankly, I don’t think I’m going overboard and actually have a less stocked version of what the government says you need to have in case of an emergency. Have we discussed what to do if we’re not all together? Nope. But in my defense, why would I talk to someone about that if whenever I bring up the topic, I get the “Oh, here comes Crazy Gaby” smirk? I do have a general idea of what we should do and depending on the situation, have some general meeting areas.

I realize that in an event of an emergency and especially one where I’m separated from my family, I might not be thinking straight and throw the plan out the window. However, I still believe it’s important to be prepared because you never know. What I do know is that a big quake will hit our state at some point. Will it be in our lifetime? Probably, and because it might, I want to make sure I’m ready.

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9 Responses to “How Important Is It to Be Prepared in Case of an Emergency?”

  1. Amanda

    I think that living in the state of Florida I feel that I need to be pretty prepared at least for 6 months out of the year anyway. I’m fortunate that in the last 6 and a half years of being a home owner I haven’t had to use the emergency supplies except only to consume food because it was going to expire. But the good thing about hurricanes is that you get a good heads up a few days out to make sure you have your stuff straight. Am I prepared for the end of the world? Nope, and I wouldn’t plan on it either. If the world comes to an end then the world comes to an end. Didn’t they say it was going to end back in May too? Ugh…

    • Gaby

      Well in May it was a radical Christian group saying the world is going to end. This time around it’s the Mayans. They’re legit :)

      Ok, seriously now, I think it’s good that you’ve never had to use your supplies, but that you have them. My goal is to have things available in the event that we need them. We might not, the “big one” might hit after our lifetime, but what if it does? Better to be safe than sorry.

  2. wtg22

    You know, this made me realize we don’t have either: a kit or a plan. The one or two times our house has shook, Alex and I both froze and got ready to run into the baby’s room and snatch him. What would happen from there, who knows. Luckily for us, the shaking stopped and we could resume being shitty parents with no kit and no plan ;).

  3. Melvin

    Well, I can say that my family and I all have emergency kits packed in all of our closets and cars. I’ve had a kit in my car since I was able to drive. It actually started as a “sleep-over” kit, for when I would get drunk and couldn’t drive home. Then it turned into a weekend kit, for when I would just get in the car and drive away for the weekend. Then it dawned on me, I already have a few days worth of clothes, why not add some water, food (MREs), and a first aid kit to make it a weekend/emergency kit? After making a kit for my car, I made one to keep inside my closet. I’ve told my family to do the same and we’ve all had emergency kits for the past decade. And every few months, we update all the gear.

    As for the “plan,” we don’t have a plan. GET HOME, is the plan.

  4. Ozzy

    Good post. This gets me thinking too since Crystal and I don’t really have either. But I do believe that both are equally as important. What good is a plan if you have no kid prepared. Let’s say a natural disaster strikes and you are forced to take shelter elsewhere for God knows how long. What good does that do you when you have no kit to survive? You have kids that will need food and water more often than adults. So both are equally important in my book.

  5. Ravi

    if world going to end, its end and there will be no one left. so what are you preparing for?

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