Free Debate Friday: Do Celebrities Have a Right to Privacy?

Given the success of our last Free Debate Friday, we’re giving you another week of Free Debate Friday!

This week’s Free Debate Friday asks your opinion about celebrity privacy. In the last week, actress Amanda Bynes has continued to make headlines for her bad driving and odd behavior, Lindsay Lohan has been arrested again and photos of a topless Kate Middleton were taken without her consent. With media so readily accessible and with magazines paying top dollar for shots of celebrities, the public gets to learn about a celebrity’s new haircut, what they look like without make-up and who they’re “canoodling” with. But is our obsession with celebrities going too far? Are we invading their most private moments and even causing celebrities to do anything to get our attention? Or do celebrities give up their right to privacy when they become famous, or marry someone of importance, like a royal?

Would you like these guys all up on your face 24-7?


What do you think? Do Celebrities Have a Right to Privacy? If so, how much privacy? If not, why not?

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14 Responses to “Free Debate Friday: Do Celebrities Have a Right to Privacy?”

  1. Amanda

    It’s easy to say no because they are already putting themselves out there with their career. But I truly believe they are entitled to their privacy. I don’t feel it’s right for people like the Paparazzi to go all ape shit on Celebs the way they do. Their down right nuts. And it’s crazy to me that the Paparazzi, gossip magazines and other forms of media make a grossly amount of money by stalking people. But anyways if a Celeb wants their personal life out there in the the public eye then that should be up to them not by the public.

    • gaby

      Agreed. I also feel as though all of these young “starlets” are doing all this crazy stuff because they’re finding that they get more press if they’re train wrecks. And we, as a society, love train wrecks.

  2. wtg22

    Ah yes, we love to build celebrities up to tear them down! But in all honesty, I think there’s a level of public scrutiny that a celebrity should expect if he or she courts fame. However, for me, that line should not be crossed when they are not actually out in public. Sunbathing nude on holiday at a huge complex acres away from the public eye? You should be able to do that without some creeper using a megazoom lens to photograph you.

    Also, I actually think it’s dangerous to publicize “train wrecks” to the extent we do. A celebrity is perhaps mentally unstable, using drugs, getting in trouble with the law, and we feel that makes good, snarky gossip? The best thing for that celebrity (and for society, really), is for photogs to step away and stop shining the harsh spotlight on them for a second. If they care about getting that spotlight back, maybe they’ll clean up. If they don’t, at least they have a healthier space in which to take care of themselves.

  3. alex

    I don’t understand people’s obsession with celebrities. I don’t even know who 2/3 of those people mentioned up top are, I had to ask my wife who they were this morning. With that said, invasion of your privacy will always be a problem as long as it makes money for these people. If fans keep eating it up, Paparazzi will continue to keep providing it.

  4. echavez

    I think everyone is entitled to privacy. Except Lindsey Lohan because she is doing stupid shit constantly. Some celebrities enjoy all the attention also. Paparazzi only exists because we keep asking for more. Next time you pick up an InTouch Magazine think about that.

  5. Ravi

    Media has became very strong …omg i lot my flow of thoughts, because Eric want to go and flirt with some one.
    Initially media was very limited to news paper and radio, once lot of new channels emerged, media war has began, TRP rating, who wins the race, so they left the morals to sewage and got dirty, but people liked it. they want to know more details about their favorite celebrity. Once Lion gets the taste of human blood it wont eat any other meat other than human, viewer got the taste of it, they want more, so media is getting in private life of celebrity. Some of them took advantage of it, they do some foolish act to be the center of attraction. This will never end, unless viewer change their views.

  6. MandysRoyalty

    Unfortunately, there are several annoying entities out there who wish to make every piece of their privacy visible to everyone – Snooki, et al. The ones that reek of desperation.

    Someone like Kate, though, should be given her privacy. That said, she should be aware of the pitfalls of being so famous and take care not to expose herself (literally AND figuratively). They were worried about telephoto zoom lenses in the days of Charles and Diana’s courtship – with all of the technology now, did William and Kate honestly think they were safely out of view? Naive on their part.


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